Past Events!

Video Symphony's Grad and Alumni Gala.

May 21st 2014

A really fun night at Castaway, chance to reconnect with a few people and meet new ones.

Sharknado Premiere

August 5th 2013

Sharknado screening at an actual theater, one night special event!
There may or may not be alcohol in this drink ;)

Comic Con!

July 20th 2013

In a shark at Comic Con, how else would you go there?

Happy Anniversary to The Asylum

November 2012

15 Years 100 Films! Let's celebrabe at the Santa Monica Pier
with an open bar and free rides, I just love you guys!!

Shriekfest opening night

October 11th 2012

Very busy week, tonight is the Shriekfest opening night where "Damien Shadows P.I."
is part of the official selection!! Posing here with the show's team.

#Hold your breath Premiere

October 10th 2012

So much fun with those crazy Asylum people, you guys Rock!!!
Congratulation on the very first theatrical release,
it was nice seeing one of your movies on a big screen :))

Beverly Hill Film, TV & New Media festival

September 2011

Two projects I worked on are in the official competition.
Pets of the Rich and Famous and Suppressed Inventions.
Posing here with producer Eric Hollerbach at the openning night.

Golden Globes after party

January 2011

No big stars at this one but still a tone of fun and cool people.